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Prevention of Hearing Loss From Noise - 
This 12 page guide explains how noise contributes to hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and how to prevent noise-induced hearing loss.

Your Guide to Tinnitus - 
This 14 page guide covers: definitions, causes, impact of tinnitus, treatments, practical tips for managing tinnitus and some good self-help references.

Care and Maintenance of Your Hearing Aids - 
This 24 page guide covers all the key topics on care and maintenance of hearing aids including: 1) Batteries, 2) ear wax, 3) ear mold/venting issues, 4) moisture/corrosion/dirt/intermittence, 5) telephone use, 6) feedback, 7) static/noise, and 8) prevention.

Your Guide to Buying Hearing Aids - 
These consumer guidelines are intended to help people through the entire consumer journey on acquiring hearing aids for their hearing loss. It represents the most current thinking in the hearing health industry concerning how consumers should be treated by hearing care professionals and their staff. There are five distinct phases of the customer experience as it relates to acquiring hearing aids. For each of the five phases, there is a detailed, step-by-

Your Guide to Financial Assistance for Hearing Aids - 
While BHI itself does not manage an assistance program, our unique, comprehensive guide to financial assistance for hearing aids will expose you to the multiple charitable foundations, private organizations, insurance plans, corporate benefits, and government programs that help people across the country access the hearing healthcare they need.

Your Guide to Better Hearing - 

Written by 9 world class authorities on hearing healthcare, this 29-page booklet summarizes in detail all the key topics of hearing loss, its treatment and prevention.

A Guide to Your Child's Hearing - 
Written by Dr. Judith Gravel of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia this 11-page booklet covers many of the topics parents should know about children and hearing problems including: communication milestones, signs and indicators of hearing problems, newborn hearing screening, evaluation of hearing loss in children, common hearing problems in children, what to do when permanent hearing loss exists, noise exposure and legal rights.

Your Guide to Hearing Aids - 
This 20 page booklet written by Drs. Sergei Kochkin (Better Hearing Institute), Gus Mueller (Vanderbilt University) and Ruth Bentler (University of Iowa) covers the technology of hearing aids, the binaural advantage, optimizing the hearing aid experience, expectations and myths about hearing aids.