A comprehensive baseline exam by a hearing care professional is very important for monitoring your hearing health. ))  Ask your doctor to refer you to a local hearing care professional who has the equipment and training to give you a comprehensive hearing test—especially if you’re experiencing hearing difficulty. ))  Ask for that report to be shared with your primary care provider. ))  You also may want to take the online BHI Hearing Check at home and bring the results with you to discuss them with your doctor. The Better Hearing Institute (BHI) offers the check at www.betterhearing.org/ check-your-hearing. Ask for a baseline hearing exam. About 1 in 8adults in the U.S. say they have hearing difficulty. (BHI) About 1 in 2118-39 year olds already have hearing loss. (BHI) About 1 in 1040-49 year olds say they have hearing difficulty. (BHI) About 1 in 650-69 year olds have problems hearing. (BHI) More common than you think: HELP YOUR DOCTOR OUT BY SPEAKING UP Most people with hearing loss hear better in quiet environments—like your doctor’s office. Without a screening or your questions, it can be difficult for your doctor to even realize you have hearing loss or recognize the extent of your problem.