Certain conditions and situations may increase the chance that someone will develop hearing loss. These include: ))  Frequent exposure to loud recreational, social, and community activities. ))  Loud work environments. ))  Certain medicines (ototoxic) that can damage hearing. ))  Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, moderate chronic kidney disease, among other chronic health conditions. ))  Being 40 and older. ))  Being male—men (20-69 years) are nearly twice as likely to have hearing loss. (NIDCD) Some people are more likely to have hearing loss. EMOTIONAL SIDE- EFFECTS OF LEAVING HEARING LOSS UNTREATED • Feeling stressed out from straining to hear what others are saying. • Feeling annoyed at other people because you can’t hear or understand them. • Feeling embarrassed when meeting new people or from misunderstanding what others are saying. • Feeling nervous about trying to hear and understand. • Feeling frustrated with your hearing when talking to family or friends. • Withdrawing from social situations you once enjoyed because it’s hard to hear. Nearly 60%of people in the U.S. with hearing loss are still working age (18-67). (BHI)