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Midyear Report


Making Headway

As BHI gears up for a busy fall and end-of-year season, we thought it worthwhile to glance back at where we’ve come so far in 2013.

As promised, BHI spent the first half of the year heavily focused on reshaping how Americans recognize, respond to, and address hearing loss.

Here is what we’ve accomplished so far:

  • We’ve connected more closely with our target audience—people with hearing loss who want to stay engaged in life.
  • We’ve redesigned our messaging so it’s more positive, contemporary, energetic, and action-oriented.
  • We’ve re-invented the image of hearing aids, more closely associating them with vitality, active lifestyles, and popular consumer electronics.
  • We’ve highlighted the leading-edge technology of hearing aids, accentuating their sleek, discreet, and “virtually invisible” designs; all-occasion functionality; state-of-the-art features conducive to active, productive lifestyles; and wireless connectivity to smartphones and other popular electronics.
  • We’ve aligned hearing health with “hot topics” of social concern, including active aging, workplace wellness, and the impact of chronic disease.
  • We’ve linked hearing aids to positive life experiences and improved quality of life.
  • We’ve punched holes in the old-world stigma of hearing aids by (i) disconnecting hearing loss from aging and instead affiliating it with noise exposure—often the result of youthful activities; (ii) emphasizing the technological transformation of hearing aids; (iii) highlighting the small size and discreet designs of many modern hearing aids; and (iv) giving people permission to “window shop” as the next step in their journey to addressing their hearing health.
  • We’ve teamed with high-visibility organizations and have associated hearing loss with other, more high-profile health issues, such as heart diseasediabetes, and women’s health.
  • And we’ve gotten the word out by issuing 7 press releases, 3 mat releases, 11 eNewsletters, and engaging in social media.

To give you a sense of who is listening:

  • We’ve generated thousands of online links to our press releases.
  • We’ve garnered more than 4,000 placements for our digital mat releases—with an online audience nearing 100 million.
  • Our materials have been picked up by premium online publications, including The Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Houston ChronicleYahoo!, and Reuters—not to mention community newspapers all across the country—which are still the preferred source of information for many Americans.
  • We’ve more than doubled our Twitter following.
  • And compared to the first half of 2012, we’ve increased hits to the BHI website by almost 1.5 million.

We couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you for your continued support in promoting the importance of hearing health.

And remember… please feel free to use and customize any of the BHI materials hyperlinked above to promote your own practices, and please include a mention of BHI.