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The Institute for Enhanced Classroom Hearing (ECH)

The Institute for Enhanced Classroom Hearing (ECH)

\r\n507 Worcester Rd.
\r\nTowson, Maryland 21286
\r\n410-340-7413 phone
\r\n410-296-9501 fax
\r\nE-mail address: \r\n

\r\nThe Institute for Enhanced Classroom Hearing (ECH) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization legally incorporated in Maryland in July 2006. ECH was formed by a parent who learned simply through her own investigation into scientific research, about the auditory issues (including poor acoustics, immature auditory capabilities, and hearing problems prevalent amongst the K-12 student population) that affect EVERY child's academic potential. As critical as these issues are to every child's academic success, she found that few people (including parents and teachers) beyond the researchers and audiologist were aware of these problems that plague every child, every day, in every classroom.\r\n

\r\nTo educate the public about the auditory learning issues unique to ALL children in a classroom and to advocate for the integration of wireless teacher voice enhancement technology to improve teacher instruction and student achievement. Our goal is to improve hearing in the classroom for ALL students, including those with normal hearing.\r\n

\r\nECH provides educational interactive seminars to parents, teachers, and school board members and to colleges/universities where prospective teachers are preparing to enter the education profession. Every teacher should be aware of these issues before they enter the classroom.\r\n

\r\nECH also contributes to articles related to hearing and educational technology and is the author of the Classroom Auditory Learning Issues Resolution adopted by the National PTA (2007).