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Let Them Hear Foundation

Palo Alto Office:

1900 University Avenue, Suite 101 E. Palo Alto, CA 94303
Phone: (650) 462-3143
Fax: (650) 462-3144

San Ramon Office:

5801 Norris Canyon Road Suite 200 San Ramon, CA 94583
Phone: (925) 830-9116
Fax: (925) 866-1699

Who Does LTHF Serve?

LTHF provides clinical services to hearing-impaired individuals who lack adequate access to funding and healthcare resources. Our patients range in age from birth to over 100 years old. And though located at multiple sites in Northern California, we serve patients around the globe on our bi-annual missions trips.

What Services Does LTHF Offer?

LTHF offers clinical services for:

  • Children with hearing and/ or language deficits
  • Prospective and current cochlear implant patients
  • Candidates for auditory and speech/language services
  • Any person who has been turned down by his insurance company for coverage of hearing-related service or device.

What Hearing Devices Can LTHF Provide?  LTHF provides consultation for many hearing devices and accessories, including cochlear implants, hearing aids and assistive listening devices.

What Is LTHF’s Payment Policy?  Payment is required at the time of appointment. LTHF requests insurance companies to directly reimburse PPO insurance holders for covered services. However, HMO or Medicare users will not be reimbursed for these costs.

Please note: This does not affect medical and surgical services provided by physicians at the California Ear Institute. Most insurance companies cover services such as surgery and post-operative visits.

LTHF accepts HMO insurance through the Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF). If you have HMO insurance through PAMF, you are responsible for obtaining authorization prior to your scheduled appointments (Tax ID#02-063 0432).

Sliding Scale Payment

LTHF wants to serve everyone, regardless of income. Our sliding scale payment system makes our services affordable to those with lower incomes, or without health insurance.

To apply: Please complete and mail the application to the address printed on the application at Please note the sliding scale application is for LTHF patients in Palo Alto and San Ramon only.

For additional information or to make an appointment, please contact us at (650) 462-3143 or

Services and Programs

Pediatric Hearing Aid Program: The LTHF audiologists specialize in pediatric care!  They work closely with physicians to provide a comprehensive, interdisciplinary evaluation of a child’s hearing abilities, determine appropriate treatment options, and make recommendations for long-term care.  We maintain a stock of loaner hearing aids from multiple manufacturers so that children can be amplified without delay after their hearing loss is identified.  This also allows us to ensure that children will not be without amplification while their hearing aids are in for repair.  Hearing aid services include evaluation, fitting, dispensing and follow-up of hearing aids, FM systems and other assistive listening devices (ALD).  Our young patients benefit from many types of hearing aid technology, including digital, directional and multiple memory circuit hearing aids. Depending on the child’s age, size of the ear canal, and degree of hearing loss, behind-the-ear, in-the-ear, and completely-in-the-canal styles may be considered.  We dispense hearing aids from various manufacturers, including but not limited to: Oticon and Phonak. 

Cochlear Implants: The LTH audiologists are some of the most experienced, skilled cochlear implant audiologists in the world!  Cochlear implant services for pediatric and adult patients include pre-evaluation to determine candidacy, fitting and programming of external equipment, and all follow-up services.  We offer the choice of cochlear implants from all three manufacturers: Cochlear Americas, Advanced Bionics Corproation and MED-EL.  

LTH is one of the only centers to offer the Cochlear Nucleus Hybrid cochlear implant, which is currently undergoing FDA sanctioned investigational trials.  This device is proving to be a highly effective treatment for those patients with hearing loss too severe to allow the effective use of hearing aids, but too good for standard cochlear implants.

BAHA® SYSTEM: This is a unique and predictable solution for conductive and mixed loss hearing impairment. Safe and effective, Baha is used to aid people who present with chronic ear infections, congenital hearing loss, and single sided deafness.

Assistive Listening Devices: Because individuals function in a wide variety of listening environments we know that hearing devices alone may not provide enough sound information for learning or socialization purposes. FM systems and other assistive listening technologies may be useful to hearing aid and cochlear implant users. Your LTH audiologist will discuss assistive listening technology options with you during your appointment.