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Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Hearing Enhancement and Assistive Devices

PROJECT DIRECTOR: Matthew H. Bakke, Ph.D.
Kendall Green
800 Florida Ave, NE
Washington DC 20002
Voice/TTY/FAX: 202-651-5335
Contact person: Lois O'Neill
Voice: 718-350-3203
FAX: 718-899-3433
PUBLICATION: (biannual newsletter)
Editor: Kelly Crain

The RERC on Hearing Enhancement promotes and develops technological solutions to problems confronting individuals with hearing loss. Projects are categorized into several components that include hearing aids, hearing assistive technologies, environmental factors: classroom acoustics, tools for hearing assessment and intervention, and computer enabled distance aural rehabilitation. The Gallaudet RERC also provides training in the use of hearing assistance technology to hearing health professionals, consumers and other stakeholders, and disseminates its results in many accessible formats and venues.