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Howard & Espa Michaud Charitable Trust

Howard & Espa Michaud Charitable Trust

30 Skyway Drive

Unit 100
Caribou, ME 04736
Contact Person: Ginette Rivard
1-800-606-0215 (TTY)
207-493-4132 (V)

207-493-4168 (FAX)


This trust is designed to assist “children from the Aroostook County area, with special emphasis on children from the greater Presque Isle area, who are in need of special treatment related to audio disorders or deficiencies." Funds may be used exclusively for the care, treatment and/or furnishing of devices for children with hearing impairments or disorders. All other funding sources must be accessed first.


Children up to 21 years old from Aroostook County, Maine. There is no income maximum, however, all other possible funding sources must be exhausted first.


They will pay for hearing aids and can supplement what insurance will pay towards a cochlear implant. They also pay for assistive listening equipment

Other Services

They will refer you to other sources of aid that you may not be aware of.

To apply

Contact Ginette Rivard at the address or phone number above for an application. You must provide a copy of the bill for the services or equipment, a hearing evaluation and why the equipment would benefit the child.