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Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers- H.E.A.R.


P.O. Box 460847

San Francisco, CA 94146
Voice: 415-773-9590
Web site:

Educates the public about the real dangers of hearing loss resulting from repeated exposure to excessive noise levels. Offers information about hearing protection, hearing aids, assistive listening devices ear monitor systems, testing and other information about hearing loss and tinnitus. Operates a 24-hour hotline information, referral, and support network services and conducts a hearing screening program in the San Francisco Bay area. Also launches public hearing awareness campaigns, provides programs for schools and seminars, and distributes earplugs to club and concert-goers. Initiated H.E.A.R. affiliates via Hearnet Web sites in other cities worldwide. H.E.A.R. records fundraising CD's with Public Service Announcements. Sponsorship opportunities available in each program.