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John Tracy Clinic

806 West Adams Blvd

Los Angeles, California, USA 90007-2505

(213) 748-5481

Mission: John Tracy Clinic is a private, non-profit education center founded by Louise Tredwell Tracy in 1942. Its mission is to offer hope, guidance and encouragement to families of infants and preschool children with hearing losses by providing free, parent-centered services worldwide. The Clinic has over 60 years of expertise in the spoken language option.

If you know or suspect that your baby or preschool child is deaf or hard of hearing, contact John Tracy Clinic immediately. If you live outside Southern California, visit to enroll your family on line.

Hope for hearing foundation and hearing aid bank:  The Hope for Hearing Foundation Hearing Aid Loan Program is available only in the Southern California area at this time. The program collects used hearing aids of all kinds.  The hearing aids are inspected and if still viable, they are put into working order and given away.  The hearing aids are intended for people that are hearing impaired but have no other resources for obtaining an instrument. Since they do not test hearing, the applicant must send a copy of a recent audiogram with his/her application. 

John Tracy Clinic/University of San Diego teacher education program:  The John Tracy Clinic is a world-renowned center for parents and their young children with a hearing loss. The Teacher Education Program reflects the mission of the Clinic in providing candidates with specific skills in building collaborative partnerships with parents and their young children from birth through age 5.

Tuition for the University of San Diego is currently $1,120 per unit for 2008-2009. There are 44 units in the program, with a total cost for tuition of $49,280. Books and materials usually run about $1500 for the program. Then there are the living expenses incurred. For Onsite candidates, living expenses over the 10-month program would include room and board in Los Angeles, reliable transportation (a car, fuel and maintenance costs, car insurance), and miscellaneous costs (for example, an application fee to apply for the credential, etc.). For Distance Learning candidates, the same living expenses (as listed for the Onsite Program) are required over the two 4-week summer residencies in Los Angeles.

Scholarship information: U.S. citizens may receive substantial scholarship support, which may cover the full cost of tuition. Available grant monies vary from year to year, so scholarship support varies from year to year. Student loans may also provide additional monies for the candidate. The candidate may obtain a student loan, and if employed in an eligible California school for two years, the APLE program will forgive a significant part of the loan. Students may also benefit from the HERA Program (Higher Education Reconciliation Act).

Mary McGinnis, Cand.Ph.D., LSLS Cert. AVT.
Director, Teacher Education
John Tracy Clinic
806 W Adams Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90007
Voice: (213) 748-5481 TDD: (213) 747-2924

Preschool for children who are deaf and hard of hearing:  This program is for ages two through five and is offered to families free of charge Monday through Thursday, September through May. Parent education and parent participation are emphasized in a rich, English language environment. Social, emotional, cognitive, and physical growth opportunities are nurtured and activities are planned that encourage children to use their amplified residual hearing, and develop speech and receptive and expressive language skills.

Every child meets daily with a speech and language teacher for individual training. Parents work in the preschool one day per week and observe the speech and language sessions to learn how to teach language effectively at home. Parents also schedule weekly conferences with their child's preschool teacher and biweekly meetings with their speech and language teacher.

Parent Class and Support Group are attended by all parents twice a month. In this way, parents are given the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills they need to foster their child's overall development, and to share with others the feelings, triumphs and obstacles their family is experiencing.

To enroll in the Preschool Program, parents must first attend the Parent/Infant Program on a consistent and regular basis.

Contact Person: Angie Stokes,