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World Mental Health Day: Maximize Your Hearing, Boost Your Mental Wellbeing

World Mental Health Day: Maximize Your Hearing, Boost Your Mental Wellbeing

World Heart Day: Care for Your Heart, Care for Your Hearing

World Heart Day: Care for Your Heart, Care for Your Hearing

Evidence showing a link between hearing loss and cardiovascular disease is strong. So, for World Heart Day—September 29—the Better Hearing Institute (BHI) is encouraging people to take its free, confidential online hearing check at to determine if they need a comprehensive hearing test by a hearing healthcare professional. The BHI Hearing Check prompts people through a series of questions in just a few quick minutes.

World Alzheimer’s Month: Hearing Loss and Dementia

BHI Responds to Alzheimer’s, Dementia Studies with Consumer Education that Underscores the Urgency of Treating Hearing Loss Promptly, Appropriately

Let Healthy Aging Month Be Your Wake-up Call to Check Your Hearing

Have you heard about the new Lancet report presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference 2017 (AAIC 2017)?

It recommends that people be ambitious about prevention. And it lists hearing loss as one of nine potentially modifiable risk factors for dementia—with an emphasis on managing hearing loss in midlife. That means: Don’t wait until you’re older.

Here's What You Need to Know About the Different Types of Hearing Loss

Learn more about what you need to know about the different types of hearing loss, including what it means to have mild or moderate hearing loss.


6 Easy Hacks to Safeguard Your Hearing This Summer

Summer is here! And so are the fireworks, concerts, music festivals, motorized sports, and more.

It’s a great time for fun. But it’s also extremely important to be smart about protecting your hearing.

Remember, the single bang of a firecracker at close range can permanently damage hearing in an instant. And any sounds at or above 85 dBA for a prolonged period of time can be unsafe.

3 Pressing Reasons to Talk Hearing Health at Your Next Physical Exam

When was the last time you and your doctor talked about your hearing?

The fact is, only about 3 in 10 adults who had a physical exam in the last year say it included a hearing screening, according to research conducted by the Better Hearing Institute (BHI). That’s a shame, because research shows that hearing health is more closely tied to whole health and quality of life than previously understood—which means that diagnosing and treating hearing loss early may be beneficial on many fronts.

Calling All Men: Let’s Talk Hearing Health

June is Men’s Health Month, a call-to-action for men of all ages to take care of their health.

So, this month, the Better Hearing Institute (BHI) is reminding men—and the women who care about them—that hearing health is an important part of whole health. In fact, research increasingly shows a link between hearing loss and other significant health issues—from depression to cognitive decline. It also shows that addressing hearing loss often has a positive impact on quality of life.