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Famous People with a Hearing Loss

Famous people with a hearing loss overcome the types of hearing impairment as the rest of the world. They are an inspiration to all of us. In a country where 10% of the population (or 35M people) is affected by hearing loss, it makes sense that the world of celebrities will also be among those who experience hearing impairment. In many cases their personal experience in overcoming hearing loss provides inspiration to others with hearing impairment. Celebrities who support Better Hearing Institute include Sally Field, Oscar-winning actress Bill Murray, Comedian and Actor Deirdre Downs, Miss America 2005 D. Vinton Cerf, Internet Creator and Corporate Executive Rosalyn Carter, Former First Lady Heather Whitestone, Miss America (and first deaf women to become Miss America) Robin Wright, Actress famous for The Princess Bride and Forrest Gump Jim Ryun World Record Runner and Congressman Mark Herndon, Musician/drummer with the group Alabama Reggie Williams, NFL Star and Politician Al and Bobby Unser, Legendary Race Car Drivers Mike Singletary, Football Hall of Famer Jim Kyle, National Hockey League Defenseman Arnold Palmer, Legendary Golfer Richard Thomas, Actor on the Waltons …and many more