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Steve Begor - Executive


In the 60's and 70's Steve was considered one of the best local promotion men in the country and was instrumental in breaking several hit records and artists: Charlie Daniels, Gladys Knight and the Pips, Stylistics, Stories, Ray Stevens to name a few. He held promotional executive positions at Chess/Janus Records, Tara Records and Polydor Records.

In the 80's and 90's, he held executive positions in manufacturing of Industrial Nameplates for Products and the plastics industry. In 2001, he started ID3, Inc. — a manufacturer of 3 Dimensional Nameplates for Industrial Products. Currently he is president of ID3 with sales slightly over a million a year.


Since childhood Steve has always had a hearing loss in his right ear. At the age of 35, he had surgery for colesteatoma, which resulted in a 50% loss in that ear. About a year later, while at a Board meeting, he realized that a person was standing over his right shoulder speaking to him; and he did not hear a word. In fact he did not even know he was there, until he caught a glimpse of him out of the corner of his right eye. That was when he realized that the seriousness of his hearing loss. Steve then began wearing a hearing aid in his right (medically unsound ear) ear. However, there is another event in his life, which was more memorable and painful. His daughter was graduating from college; the day was filled with social events that went from one sonically challenging environment to another. His hearing aids were old and needed replacement; in fact, he had been putting off getting new ones. That day he heard nothing. Becoming angry at his loss of hearing he in effect wound up being pretty cranky, not a fun person to be around especially at such a special event. His family probably wished that he were somewhere else since he made everyone around him as miserable as he was.

In 2000, he was fitted with his first set of digital aids with FM. The hearing that he gained from switching from analog to digital was astounding. He felt that his hearing was as close as ever to normal. With digital aids, he doe not have to work so hard and can hear in a variety of situations where analogs would fail. For the first time he is able to listen to music with his aids in while in the past he always took the analogs out to listen to music, as he hated the way music sounded. With his recent move to digital his hearing is even better and control of hostile environments is even greater. With the FM system, he is able to attend large table meetings (such as board meetings) and hear everything that is going on. Before digital those types of meetings were very difficult.

Steve stated that "wearing hearing aids has changed my life in that my hearing loss is too great to be able to live a full life without the use of aids. The change to digital has been wonderful in that I am now able to function much as a normal hearing person without the strain and the misperceptions."


Steve indicates that hearing loss had a huge impact on his life in that he had to work two to three times as hard as a normal person in a variety of situations just to hear. He sometimes did not hear what was being said properly and as a result his response was inappropriate. In some situations, normally large crowded rooms, he was so overwhelmed that he quit attempting to hear. And to add insult to injury he was perceived as arrogant or rude. The hardest thing for him to learn was that, he had to acknowledge people, who knew that he had a hearing loss, that he in effect heard them. In business situations, such as meetings with a customer he would find that he was not focused on what their needs were but was too focused on his need to hear. Although, it is difficult to document, he is sure that he has missed out on employment opportunities as well as promotions or being able to take full advantage of business opportunities due to his lack of hearing and the fact that I wear aids.


If you think you have hearing loss, believe me you do. You are missing a lot more then you even realize. You come across as rude, or slow. People who may not be aware of your loss question your inappropriate responses. The people who are around you daily wish that you would go get tested and get some aids. You are tiring out the people who are close to you, as they have to work twice as hard to communicate with you. If you cannot see, you wear glasses, so why not hearing aids? I have been told that I am the sexiest bald headed man with hearing aids that a woman knows. You on the other hand, would not hear what she told you. See — you are missing out!


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