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Alexander Graham Bell Association For The Deaf, Inc.


DIRECTOR/CEO: Frederick T. Spahr, Ph.D. (Acting)

3417 Volta Place NW
Washington, DC 20007

Voice: 202-337-5220
TTY: 202-337-5221
FAX: 202-337-8314
Web site:
PUBLICATIONS: The Volta Review (journal), Volta Voices (magazine)
Editor: Leah Lakins

A membership organization and information center on pediatric hearing loss and spoken language approach. AG Bell emphasizes the use of technology, in conjunction with spoken speech and speechreading. The association focuses specifically on children with hearing loss, providing ongoing support and advocacy for parents, professionals and other interested parties. AG Bell provides scholarships, financial and parent-infant awards, publishes books on deafness, and advocates for the rights of children who are deaf or hard of hearing.