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Colorado Neurological Institute

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Mission: In addition to its ongoing function of diagnosis and treatment of neurotology disorders, the CNI Center for Hearing has created very powerful charitable programs for helping individuals, many of them children, with serious hearing impairments: the CNI Cochlear Kids Camps; the World Hearing Network; the Cochlear Implant Assistance Program; the Baha Assistance Program; the Angel Network; and Support Groups for adults with cochlear implants as well as parents of children with cochlear implants. In addition, the CNI Teen Thing is a social and recreational support group for youth with cochlear implants. All of our programs are funded by private and corporate donations.

Services: Hearing loss (Children and Adults)

Providing full complement of diagnostic testing

Treatment including cochlear implants, and implantable hearing aids

Dizziness and balance disorders

Chronic ear infections (otitis media)

Acoustic neuromas

Skull-based tumors


Facial nerve disorders

Clinical Trials:

CNI offers various clinical trials for cochlear Implants and implantable hearing aids. For more information about these studies or other studies being conducted at CNI please e-mail us at

Cochlear Kids Camp

They offer two family camp sessions each summer. The 2008 sessions are June 19-22 and July 31-August 3. The second session is full as of February 9, 2008. Reservations accepted through April 19, 2008 unless all rooms are reserved.

Camp fees:  $250/family, for four or fewer people. Extra family members are $100 each, unless they are under one year old, in which case they are $25. Families of more than 6 need to reserve two rooms at $250 each.

Contact: CNI Cochlear Kids Camp coordinator Judith Stucky at 303-806-7416 or

Cochlear Implant Assistance Programs

Eligibility: Applicants and/or their parents if the applicant is under 18 must be permanent legal residents of the U.S., a proven candidate for a CI before applying, have no or insufficient insurance coverage for the procedure, and demonstrate a commitment for appropriate therapy after the implant. If you have a CI whose internal device needs replacing after the warrantee expired, you are eligible. If your speech processor has failed and you cannot find any other source of funding, you are eligible. Funding for bilateral implants is NOT eligible. Eligibility criteria are re-evaluated every 6 months and may be modified more frequently if needed. These criteria were established November 27, 2007.

To apply: The application is available online, or you can contact the CNI. The application MUST be filled out completely.

The Angel Network

Mission: The mission of the Angel Network is to assist with the financial needs of cochlear implant recipients in need of rehabilitation.

The time immediately following cochlear implant surgery can be financially overwhelming. The rehabilitation, though critical, is often quite costly and there are few options available to assist with the costs of vitally important speech, language, and auditory/verbal therapy.

Eligibility: The applicant and legal guardian(s) if the applicant is under 18 must be a legal resident of Colorado or Wyoming. CI recipients, including those with insurance but only limited coverage for rehabilitation who have committed to appropriate therapy are eligible. Depending on the level of financial need, partial or full assistance could be provided. All other sources of financing must be exhausted, and a specialist will review each application to see if something was overlooked.

Eligible expenses: Only costs associated with certified and/or licensed speech or auditory/verbal therapists will be considered, and assistance in paying previously incurred is not eligible. Assistance will be available for a maximum of 1 year, but you may re-apply.

To apply: You must include all required attachments and documentation. You can request an application or download it from For more information, contact CNI by e-mail at or call (303) 788-4010. Applications should be mailed to The Angel Network, CNI Center for Hearing, 701 East Hampden Ave., Suite 330, Englewood, CO 80113.

Baha (Implantable) Assistance Program

What is a Baha system: While hearing aids are helpful for many individuals, there are some types of hearing loss for which conventional aids do not provide benefit. For some patients, conductive, mixed hearing loss or single-sided deafness may be helped with the Baha system which uses bone as a pathway for sound, bypassing the outer and middle ear.

The Baha system is the only implanted treatment for hearing loss that works through direct bone conduction.  It allows sound to be processed by the cochlea without involving the outer ear or ear canal, enabling those with specific types of hearing loss to benefit from a natural transmission of sound.  Unlike hearing aids, the Baha system does not rely on amplification; and unlike cochlear implants, it does not utilize electronic impulses to stimulate the cochlea. 

In early 2006, the CNI Center for Hearing began helping financially-challenged patients and their families obtain this life-enriching device by establishing the Baha Assistance Program. Through a cooperative effort of CNI Center for Hearing, Cochlear Americas and a team of dedicated medical professionals, this program may be able to assist qualified candidates needing the Baha device. The Baha Assistance Program awards only the actual system itself (the internal and external components) - patients are still responsible for other costs associated with the procedure such as the physician, hospital, surgical, and audiological fees. The average out-of-pocket cost for candidates who receive a Baha device through the CNI Center for Hearing is approximately $10,000.

Eligibility: Applicants or their parents if they are under 18 must be permanent, legal U.S. residents. Applicants must determined to be a candidate for a Baha device prior to application, and not have insurance coverage for it. Previously-implanted devices will not be covered. Applications may be considered from applicants who already have a BAHA device if the applicant is attempting to replace a failed internal device no longer under warranty. However, attempts to cover the expense of a replacement prothesis by other means must be exhausted prior to consideration for assistance from this program. Applications for a bilateral implant will not be accepted.  Eligibility criteria are effective November 27, 2007; they are re-evaluated every 6 months and may be modified more frequently if needed.
To apply: Request an application from CNI, or download it from All applicants must provide all required attachments and documentation with their completed applications before being considered for this Assistance Program. Applicants will be contacted if incomplete applications are received and will be given a maximum of 6 months in which to submit all required documents.

For more information, contact CNI by e-mail at or call (303) 788-4010.