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Making 2013 a Landmark Year for Hearing Health

New years bring new beginnings. And BHI is committed to making 2013 a landmark year for reshaping how Americans recognize, respond to, and address hearing loss.

Today’s baby boomers and Gen Xer’s are more deeply rooted in a culture of active, connected lifestyles than any generation before them. The last thing they want is for noise-induced hearing loss to slow them down.

A recent AARP article, in fact, points out: “… boomers have never accepted the idea that advancing age forces one to alter one's lifestyle. You're only as old as you feel, the saying goes, and boomers still feel 25. When they're 90, they'll still feel 25.”

As BHI looks ahead to 2013, our goal is to move America forward in embracing the mind-set that today’s sleekly designed hearing aids are the must-have, high-tech “anti-aging” tool that can help keep life-loving baby boomers and Gen-Xers socially, cognitively and physically active.

For the great majority of people, hearing loss doesn’t have to slow them down. And it shouldn’t. No one ever needs to feel apologetic or bashful about hearing loss—or the use of hearing aids. On the contrary, hearing aids are among the most advanced state-of-the-art, life-enhancing electronics that keep people connected. Using them sends the message: “I’m engaged. I’m active. I’m loving life. And above all, I’m too young to stop doing the things I love best.”

BHI is riveting its attention on these people in 2013.  Using its MarkeTrak resources, BHI will intensify its consumer outreach, revamp its website,, and enrich its relationships with any organizations representing important health conditions associated with hearing loss.

In its communications outreach in 2013, BHI will focus on:

  • correcting misconceptions about unaddressed hearing loss and moving people to take action to address it;
  • aligning modern hearing aid technology and the use of hearing aids with active, productive lifestyles;
  • underscoring the importance of hearing health and addressing hearing loss to productivity in the workplace;
  • raising awareness of the link between hearing loss and high-profile chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and depression;
  • publicizing the negative effects that unaddressed hearing loss has on quality of life;
  • exposing the safety implications of leaving hearing loss unaddressed;
  • highlighting the state-of-the art designs/functionality of hearing aids and the benefits they bring to quality of life; and
  • re-designing the BHI web site to make it more progressive, action-oriented, and enticing for visitors to take the next critical step in addressing their hearing loss.

For a glimpse of the related conditions that take priority for people with hearing loss, see the calendar below for some important monthly observances that BHI will be promoting to encourage people with these conditions to address their hearing loss.


American Heart Month


American Diabetes Association Alert Day®


Better Hearing Month
National Women's Health Week


National Men's Health Month/Men's Health Week
National Employee Wellness Month


4th of July Hearing Protection


World Alzheimer's Day
World Heart Day


World Mental Health Day/Mental Illness Awareness Week/National Depression Screening Day


National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month
World Diabetes Day/American Diabetes Month
Holiday Release


BHI will continue to conduct its important MarkeTrak research for the future. We will continue to provide thought-provoking ideas, issue regular press releases, and generate copyright-free articles-all of which hearing healthcare professionals are free to use in their practices and local communities. For more information or suggestions, please write to us at