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Give your hearing some love!

For Better Hearing & Speech Month (BHSM), let’s celebrate all life’s amazing sounds.

Smart Women Take Their Hearing Seriously























BHI Urges Women to Talk Hearing Health with Their Doctors for National Women’s Health Week

Washington, DC, May 12, 2017—The Better Hearing Institute (BHI) is urging women of all ages to talk hearing health with their doctors—a topic often overlooked in the discussion on women’s health.

#GiveYourHearingSomeLove for Better Hearing & Speech Month

BHI Launches #GiveYourHearingSomeLove Campaign for Better Hearing & Speech Month

Guiding consumers on hearing care

With Better Hearing & Speech Month just around the corner, BHI wants consumers to know where they can go for sound hearing care—that is, to hearing care professionals.

If I only knew then what I know now...

It seems it isn’t just hearing loss that falls into this arena of wisdom, but hearing aids as well.

Consider this:

About 7 out of 10 people who say they have a hearing difficulty do not use hearing aids, the latest BHI research shows.

And most of them aren’t aware of the enhanced technology that today’s hearing aids offer.

Calling on all primary healthcare providers

Wow. A standing ovation for the CDC on its call to action to primary healthcare providers to step up the conversation on hearing loss—an issue near and dear to the heart of BHI for decades.

Take a look at the latest CDC Vital Signs:

This Valentines's Day, do something really audacious...


Good communications are key to a happy and healthy relationship.

So, this year, the Better Hearing Institute (BHI) is encouraging couples to do something altogether out of the ordinary for Valentine’s Day and get a hearing test.

Here’s an article that outlines how hearing your best can give relationships a boost:

Your heart and ears have a lot in common. Love them both during American Heart Month

February is American Heart Month—a great opportunity to raise awareness of the link between hearing loss and cardiovascular health.