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Giving Hearing Health a Plug for National Employee Wellness Month

noneEmployers need to understand the value of employee hearing to both worker wellbeing and their bottom line.

In an era when more and more companies are embracing Workplace Wellness Programs, BHI is raising the flag on hearing health.

When workers hear their best on the job, everyone wins.

Please help us raise awareness of the critical importance of addressing hearing loss in the workplace.

Cherishing the Sweet Sounds of Summer

nonePlease join the Better Hearing Institute (BHI) in reminding families that the best way to savor the sweet sounds of summer is to protect their family’s hearing.

Below is a BHI press release for you to customize for your practice and use with your local media and community.

We wish you a wonderful summer, and thank you for helping to spread the word on the importance of hearing health!


Tuning Men into the Upside of Hearing Aids for National Men’s Health Week

noneThe latest in consumer electronics is the name of the game for many tech-savvy men who are early adopters of modern technologies. What a paradox, then, that so many men hold back from dealing with their hearing loss simply because they don’t realize the dramatic advances in hearing aid technologies and design in recent years.

Midyear Report


Making Headway

As BHI gears up for a busy fall and end-of-year season, we thought it worthwhile to glance back at where we’ve come so far in 2013.

As promised, BHI spent the first half of the year heavily focused on reshaping how Americans recognize, respond to, and address hearing loss.

Here is what we’ve accomplished so far: