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Making Hearing Health a Workplace Wellness Priority

Making Hearing Health a Workplace Wellness Priority

Employee Wellbeing Month (#EWM15) in June is the perfect time to make hearing health front-of-mind for America’s employers.

After all, hearing health is tied to so many aspects of employee wellbeing that it should be on the radar of every worksite wellness and health management program professional.

Addressing Hearing Loss on the Job Should be a Workplace Wellness Priority

Addressing Hearing Loss on the Job Should be a Workplace Wellness Priority, BHI Underscores for Employee Wellbeing Month

Don't miss out!

Here's an easy and fun way to show our solidarity within the hearing healthcare community in support of people with hearing loss.

Just click on the link below to join in getting the word out on the benefits of addressing hearing loss.

Thunderclap! It

Let’s show our solidarity in support of people with hearing loss and wrap up Better Hearing & Speech Month with a Thunderclap! Thunderclap is a tool that allows us to sync a Twitter and/or Faceb

Check Your Hearing for National Cancer Survivors Day

What should cancer survivors know about hearing loss?

The first Sunday in June marks National Cancer Survivors Day®, a day for great celebration, inspiration, and support for the many people who have survived cancer, along with their families, friends, and communities.

It is also a day to promote awareness of the ongoing challenges that cancer survivors face, as well as a time to provide resources so they can continue to enjoy fulfilling lives.

Lions Club International

Lions Clubs International Headquarters
300 W 22nd Street Oak Brook IL 60523-8842;

Mission: Lions are an international network of 1.3 million men and women in 202 countries and geographic areas who work together to answer the needs that challenge communities around the world.

Masonic Organizations

Overview and Missions:  There are many organizations within the Masonic family. The basic Masonic Lodges are known as the “Blue Lodges,” and are what you will most likely easily access in your community. They can put you in touch with other Masonic organizations that may be able to help you, as Blue Lodge membership or a family member is required for admission to the other groups.